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Have an LTE Verizon iPad 3. Want to be able to discontinue data plan during months when I don't need it but easily reconnect if I am traveling etc. Was able to do this in the past (with ATT on an earlier iPad) but now seems only way is to cancel which may require complex dealings with Verizon to reestablish LTE sim. Easy on and off was the attraction for getting a Verizon in the first place - now they seem to have changed policy without any warning. Help
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The answer is generally prepaid vs post paid. To swap between prepaid and post paid it's generally just a new SIM. You should be able to walk in to a store, tell them you want to move the device to a prepaid account and do it, it should be a 15 minute activity.

Unless... You have a contract for postpaid or it was a subsidized ipad (not sure if this is even a thing).

Basically, I think you're going to have to go in to a Verizon wireless retail store and ask them, they aren't going to put something down in your permanent record and they'll tell you what is possible or at least give you a starting point to dig in to it more.
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