Where are images for Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 stored?
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I have Adobe Photoshop Elements, version 9.03, on my Mac. I use it to resize images for posting on various blogs. I save the images to my desktop. I've had it a couple of years and I'm wondering, are the images also stored on some Photoshop Elements file? I have to think that, if they are. they're taking up a ton of space and I'd like to delete them. I've read the online documentation and have perused various forums, to no conclusive solution. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.
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I have an earlier version of APE on a Mac - and it only save files that I tell it to store and where i tell it. You might try Grand Perspective to find if there are large files somewhere on your drive that you didn't know about.
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thanks, nightwood, i'll check it out.
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No, Photoshop doesn't keep a cache file around. It does create a temporary scratch file (in /tmp), but deletes it when you close it.

Adobe Bridge does keep a preview cache in ~/Library/Caches/Adobe/Bridge[...]/Cache, if you're using that.
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thanks neckro23, good to know.
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If you're looking to free some space, check to see if the GarageBand loops are still present in your system Library. They're huge. And pointless if you don't ever use GarageBand. But GrandPerspective or similar is great for finding out what is filling up your drive.
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