How to be a kick-ass wedding MC?
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Seeking ideas for being a witty, interesting and entertaining wedding MC.

My husband and I are taking on the role of MC's at the wedding of two friends, which we are delighted to do. As the DJ is doing most of the schedule stuff, we are tasked with "the fun stuff" - introducing the bridal party, introducing speeches and the cake cutting. We'd like our duties to be witty/humorous and warm, and incorporate the interests of both the bride and groom.

Things the groom likes: graphic novels, comic books, computer & console games, tv series (eg:Sci-fi - BSG & Firefly, Community), currently studying law, lived in UAE.

Things the bride likes: music festivals of all kinds, travels as much as possible, lived in Mongolia, ETSY and being crafty.

A 'theme' of some kind for our duties may be useful (a recent wedding had an awards ceremony theme to the MC duties) that is fun but not trying too hard.
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It's a little different to be the toaster at weddings than the MC, but I toasted both my brothers at their weddings with speeches I made up on the spot. Neither was funny nor particularly eloquent, but both were entirely from the heart and just touched on how much I love them. The last wedding was over 10 years ago, and people still tell me that the speeches were the best they've ever heard.

It's really easy to go for the "funny" when you're hosting at an event like this, but heartfelt and warm is always appreciated more.
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When I MC'ed at a wedding I worked to the rule that I had one gag per segment.

Be brief. Be genuine. Don't forget this is about the bride and groom, not you. The purpose of the gag is so that people are laughing when the thing/person you introduce comes next.
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So - for Mr. Kitty's and my wedding - we had a friend MC it for us. The most important thing to do is remember how to pronounce names of members of the wedding party. Check and get phonetic spellings of the names.

Also - we gave our MC a little sheet of factoids about the wedding - our cake was based on Edith's cake on Downton Abbey, The ring bearer and the flower girl (2.5 and 3 years old, respectively) shared their first kiss during the rehearsal dinner, and other tidbits he could work into MCing to make it less "schtick"-esque/stand up routine, and more about telling fun, cute stories about the wedding/the people in it.

Maybe start making a list of things like that to use?
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