"What you look for in a bag was once found in a sack"
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Is there a Swedish speaker in the house? In the Swedish film Call Girl, one of the characters utters a phrase that is translated in the subtitles as: "What you look for in a bag was once found in a sack." To me it's a total non-sequitur... Any idea what it means? Here's the clip on YouTube. Thanks!
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Best answer: "Allt har varit i säck innan det varit i påse."

It means something like "it was already said or thought by someone else."

Lit: Everything was in a sack before it was in a bag. (Weird, but it's an idiom, and idioms are weird).
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Response by poster: Okay, thanks...
Just wondering, what's the inner logic there? Is a sack supposed to be bigger than a bag? or the same thing?
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Response by poster: Do you suppose I could translate it as "there is nothing new under the sun"?
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As lollusc says. No, the 'logic' is that you didn't do it your self. You took something from one place and put it in another.

Thinking of it, it might have a connection to millers (as in flour) but I'm not sure.

The expression is quite old. Ca 1800:s.
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I guess like the sack would be the packaging used for the journey from the supplier to the retailer - and the bag for the secondary journey from the retailer back to the consumer's house.
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Best answer: Non-Swedish speaker here, but if you're looking for an analogous English idiom, "old wine in new bottles" seems close to lollusc's explanation of the Swedish one.
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Everything old is new again.
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