Comfortable shoes for NYC businessman edition.
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I just trudged 3/4 of a mile down 42nd street. My fancy black dress shoes (Allen Edmonds) are NOT cut out for this. My pinky toes have been replaced by blisters. What are the most comfortable shoes I can wear to work? I work in the financial industry but the dress code is business casual: slacks, button down shirt, maybe jacket or tie, rarely a full suit. Both black and brown shoes are needed, men's size 12. Must withstand walking in NYC.
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A 3/4 mile walk isn't unreasonable to do in dress shoes - it just sounds like yours don't fit you very well.
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Before you move on to other brands, did you find the correct "last"? Allen Edmonds has a number of lasts and you are probably wearing one which isn't complimentary to the shape of your foot.
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Best answer: Maybe your Allen Edmonds aren't the right width or cut for your feet. I have two pair of AEs, both 13D, and one I can wear all day long and twice on Sundays and my feet feel great while the others start pinching my forefoot after a few hours and are unbearable by 3 pm. The ones I love are the Leeds, which use one of their wider, roomier lasts. The foot assassins are the Lombard, on a narrower last.

I'm assuming you already had yours correctly fitted with a Brannock device, but if not, go to an AE store and see if you're actually wearing the right last and width for your feet.
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Response by poster: I have not been fitted and I don't know what "last" is, my next stop is an Allen Edmond's store!
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I wear Allen Edmonds dress shoes and I walk from 42nd street down to Grand street in them without any blisters or foot pain whatsoever. They're actually more comfortable than some casual shoes I have. Seconding the advice above to get your shoe size checked.
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Your current pair does not fit you. Those shoes should be making you brag, not making you complain.
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Last: Lasts are foot-shaped forms that provide shoemakers with the basis for building a shoe.
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If you find that AE isn't to your liking, try Ecco. They're not the fanciest dress shoes I've ever owned, but they are far and away the most comfortable.
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when I lived in nyc, I wore Dr Martin's to and fro work and kept the nice shoes at my desk. that was the only way I wouldn't demolish a nice pair in a matter of a few months.
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Second on the Ecco.
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I have both AE and ECCO dress shoes.
Prefer the ECCOs... lightweight, good looking, shock-absorbing, comfortable.
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Indeed this is a fit problem, not a brand issue. AEs are pretty nice, Eccos are, in my opinion, usually not however.

A nice alternative to leather dress shoes in my opinion is canvas or suede oxfords or chukkas (nothing too garish!).
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