Which cool, stylish pants will help me not hate summer commuting in NYC?
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Hot summer days in New York can be miserable with the heat and humidity. I feel like I'm on an endless quest to find the perfect summer pants. What should I wear to keep cool and look stylish without being over or under dressed?

I work in a casual office where nice dark jeans are usually the appropriate dress. Of course, walking outside in 90+ degree temperatures with 90+% humidity is miserable, and even worse in jeans. For other temperatures, I'm very happy with Bonobos premium denim, chinos, and travel jeans, but none of them are great for hot weather (with the travel jeans bordering on not terrible.) I have a pair of Banana Republic jeans-styled "5 pocket" linen-cotton blend pants from a couple of years ago that are terrific -- perfectly casual but put together and relatively cool. A pair of Banana Republic Heritage all Linen slim fit pants were wonderfully light, but have worn out and I can not find the same style. (Other than those two seemingly discontinued styles, most of BR's linen and linen blend pants tend to be insufficiently slim fitting for me.)

Where can I find my ideal cool, comfortable, well-fitting, casual summer pants?
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Linen is the key. I don't have a source for quality linen menswear, but that's what you're looking for.

Uniqlo might be worth a try. They're at a similar style level to Banana Republic, and the quality will probably be roughly the same.

Maybe J. Crew?

You could also pay a visit to Century 21 and see what you find. The Century 21 menswear department is legendary, though I don't know that it gets as seasonal as you want. You also may find other good "summerweight" trousers there.
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Summer weight fabrics are traditionlly seersucker, linen, twill and wool gaberdine.

John Varvados makes Linen Jeans, spendy, but I think they'd be worth it.

They come in two colors, Black and Oat.

Ralph Lauren may be worth checking out, lots of cottons there (might be too conservative for you.)
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A generous application of Gold Bond in the morning helps.
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If you don't mind several days of wear on pants and have some money to spend on some that will last, I have had great luck with Outlier clothing
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Lands end has sailcloth chinos
Orvis has poplins
Lord and Taylors house brand black brown 1826 has linen jeans
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All the cool bike dudes I know swear by Outlier that mikeh mentions
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Bluffworks! I bought two pairs recently and I love love love them. They are super light and breathable, they ride bikes well, they are super easy to clean, they come out of the dryer looking beautiful and wrinkle-free, and I have traveled with them rolled up tight in a backpack and worn them the next day proudly. They are terrific.
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Jos. A. Bank has some great linen pants, but then again, I am a big dude and I like roomy clothing.
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Chambray at Lands' End Canvas -- chambray's lovely for pants

I had hoped LL Bean Signature might have the right sort cut in of seersucker, but no such luck.
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I mean I can't stop buying Uniqlo so I got some of these and they feel great and look pretty cool.
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