Recommend a kid-friendly hotel in NYC?
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NYCFilter: Can anybody recommend a hotel or B&B in Manhattan compatible with two adults and a four-year old paleontologist?

We're going to NYC in late October with our four-year old to see the dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History, visit friends, and do other New York City stuff. Can you recommend accomodations that are budget-friendly and near subway? Chain hotels and accomodations not in Manhattan (friends are in Brooklyn) are OK too.
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Anything along the C train line will get you to the Mus Nat His - 81st st stop - without having to deal with a transfer. But you could stay nearly anywhere near any subway, go to Times Square, and transfer to the uptown C train fairly easily.

The Museum is wonderful for both the budding paleontologist and us old creaky ones, too. I wish I were four years old again so I could go there.
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I can't really help you with hotel recommendations except to say that if you can find something in Brooklyn it will most likely be vastly cheaper than Manhattan, but will cost you up to an hour on the subway. Also, if you tell us what part of Brooklyn your friends live in, you might get better answers. Anyway, I just wanted to add this:

Don't forget to check out the Hall of Biodiversity and the Hall of Ocean Life. They have a great, huge diorama of a giant squid battling a sperm whale in the Hall of Ocean Life that is probably my favorite display in any museum.
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The last time my folks came they stayed at the Red Roof Inn on 32nd St, in lively Little Korea. They said it was pretty cheap, although I don't remember exactly how much.
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