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I need to file an amendment to my 2009 US federal and state taxes - I lived in the US (California specifically) half of the 2009 year and the rest of the year in Canada (GTA). I think this will be very simple (nothing but paycheck income to claim, no assets like trusts, property, stock, etc), but I am overwhelmed with the choices of accountants and tax people here, even the ones who specialize in cross border taxes. Can anyone recommend a decent tax person who could help with this? Preferrably someone near Etobicoke, although Mississauga/Oakville fine too. I've had numerous people warn me against the nearest chain type tax place, so I'm looking for someone independent or a small accounting type firm.
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I've worked with one of the accountants in the Kitchener office at Dube & Cuttini, who also have offices in Missisauga. I wasn't doing international work, but according to their 'about us' page, they focus on both Canadian and US taxes.

Toronto Office
2425 Matheson Blvd East
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5K4
t: 1.877.475.3823
p: 905.361.2992
e: info @
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We've used Eileen Mendelsohn of Mendelsohn, Gangbar CGA ever since we got here:

Mendelsohn, Gangbar Certified General Accountants
1600 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 230
Concord, Ontario L4K 4M2

Phone: 905-738-3334
Fax: 905-738-3336

Very helpful, but clearly no money has been wasted on the website.
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