Where can I print from a laptop or USB drive in London?
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Over the next month or so, I may occasionally need to do some printing in London (never more than 10-50 pages). Is there anywhere near the Waterloo station where I could bring a usb drive or a laptop and easily and inexpensively print out black and white documents using a laser-printer? Self-service would be preferable. Perhaps there might be one or more chains of printing places (like FedEx/Kinko's in the US) that offers this service throughout the UK? Many thanks for any suggestions.
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If you can make a short trip across the river then this should be what you're looking for. (I haven't used it myself.)
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On the east side of the station (Marsh Road) are a whole bunch of businesses of that sort. I know there's a Mailboxes, Etc that will do copies, and probably some of the other stores (Western Union, for example) as well.
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There's a stationery/office supplies etc near me here. Check out the StreetView and also the proximity to Waterloo (basically at the bottom of Waterloo Road). They do offer printing - most of their clientele are students at the nearby University.
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Thanks, everyone. Walking just now around the neighborhood, I found that the Waterloo Library also seems to be a good solution to this problem. I haven't tried printing there yet (I suspect that there could be a long wait to use their computers, if the library is at all busy); however I'm told that they'll do laser printing for 6p a page (compared to 12 at Ryman--there's a Ryman nearby at 4 Lower Marsh), and that visitors from abroad such as myself are free to use the Library's facilities.
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