trying to remember the name of a childrens book about a bowl
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The bowl was Spanish, and didn't want to be warrior... it just wanted to smell flowers... anyone remember or know what book this is?
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Change a vowel and a consonant and you have the story of Ferdinand the Bull.
The book was released nine months before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, but was still seen by many supporters of Francisco Franco as a pacifist book.
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A bull? Ferdinand?
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Could it have been a bull? named Ferdinand?
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Yes, Ferdinand the Bull.
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Response by poster: bwahahaha my boyfriend has a drawl. i was so confused as to why a bowl would be smelling flowers under a tree. mystery solved.
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Hahaha, this post and later explanation have made me so happy today. (I named our nonprofit after that bull.)
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For years, thanks to the book's charming illustrations, I thought corks hung from tree limbs like fruit. I still have to correct the memory when the subject arises.
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In honor of this askme.
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