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I am a lady with a small waist and a generous booty. I look best in "high-rise" or "high-waisted" pants because, well, my waist is pretty high, which means that the popular "low-rise" and "mid-rise" trousers leave acres of billowing flesh exposed between my actual waist and the waist of the pants. What brands or specific jeans or pants (or skirts) can I wear? I've had decent luck with Simply Vera for Kohl's skinny jeans with stretch. Any other suggestion from like-waisted ladies?

TL;DR Most pants on the market today are low or mid-rise. Please help me find high-waisted pants. Or jeans. Or skirts.
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Try JCrew.
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The Sweetheart cut at Old Navy (at least on their colored jeans) is cut high like this.

I also like Levi's mid-rise--they come up maybe 2 finger widths below my belly button. Check out their curve ID styles to find something that fits your backside properly. By the sounds of it, you're on the "bold curve" spectrum.
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Same problem here. Boden USA has higher waisted, curvier fits.
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What's your budget? I just recently bought the Citizens of Humanity "rocket" fit high rise skinny jeans and they are AWESOME. Like you, I have a small waist and ample butt/hip area (more than 12" difference!) and the rise on these is perfect.

Lucky for you, one of the colors is almost 50% off at Nordstrom right now:
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I like TALL fit, with the inseam hemmed to my correct measurement. When a company has an extended fit range labeled "TALL," they will elongate the rise as well as the inseam.

For mid-price range, JCPenney's private label brands [East 5th, Worthington, Arizona, etc] have longer than average rise, and the TALL fit at JCP has super-long rise. You can also check Lands End for TALL fit.
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Hello fellow wasp-waisted big booty having lady. I am a big fan of Levi's 529 and 525, both higher-waisted without the dreaded Mom Jeans look. Now if I could just find straight-leg jeans anywhere I'd be happy. Grumble.
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I bought a pair of high rise jeggings at american eagle and I love them. They really do hit my waist, and the jegging material is just stretchy enough to be both fitted and comfortable. I also appreciate that American Eagle runs sales and discounts almost constantly, and it is rare that I pay full price for anything at their store.
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Gap and Ann Taylor both do a "trouser jean" that has a reasonably high waist, that looks very nice on my similar figure.
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Jeans: Recently I tried Old Navy Sweetheart cut in the regular denim and Levi 512 bootcut and neither were high enough to prevent the muffin. I ended up buying these Macy's Style & Co bootcut jeans which fit perfectly waist-wise.

Pants: Second JCPenny's Worthington line. I haven't brought any in the past year or so but they've consistently worked for me before that.
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I have the same shape. I like Levi's "Bold" curve, which is the greatest difference between waist and hip width. I buy them in the "high-rise" cut, which has the highest waist. I thin you can also get the other curves in high-rise.
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Not Your Daughter's Jeans and Levi's Curve ID in Supreme Curve.

NYDJ makes jeans, capris, corduroys, and skirts. If NYDJ is out of your price range, go to a Nordstrom to try some on to find out your size then buy them off eBay. Or, if you're not near a Nordstrom order them off their website or Zappos to try on and send them back. Both sites have free shipping and returns. Also, Nordstrom Rack, but I've never seen the plainer styles there (only ones with embellished pockets, etc.)

The (new) NYDJ pants I got off eBay were $50. They smelled musty like they had been sitting in a warehouse too long, but I washed them with a cup of vinegar and it got rid of the smell.

The Supreme Curve jeans usually aren't in the Levi's stores, only on their website. Last time I checked, you can get a 10% off coupon for signing up for their mailing list. They have other promotions going on all the time. If you do happen to be near a Levi's store you could go try on the Bold Curve style, which is the next step down in bootyliciousness. The jeans have a high rise in the back but a low rise in the front. So, they will accommodate your rear and hips without showing your underwear or butt, but they won't be binding around you stomach.
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Some styles of Not your Daughter's Jeans fit my high, relatively small waist and big butt. Others have the high waist but slimmer hips, or lower waist. In other words, the brand is inconsistent across its range, so you have to try on a lot of them -- but it might be worthwhile.
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I would also recommend you check out Levi's. I got fitted there (it was very easy and un-intrusive, from a dude no less) and was surprised I was actually a slight curve, but they are the best fitting jeans I've bought in a long long time and so would not be surprised if their other curve lines fit just as well for those suited.
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Some styles of Not your Daughter's Jeans fit my high, relatively small waist and big butt. Others have the high waist but slimmer hips, or lower waist. In other words, the brand is inconsistent across its range, so you have to try on a lot of them -- but it might be worthwhile.

Yes, this is true. The Marilyn cut fits me the best.
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Ok, this is going to seem weird but... I think maternity pants are underrated. I am 4 years post baby and a super skinny size 2 with no high-waist issues but I still wear maternity pants with outfits that do not require tucking in the shirt. When you are not pregnant, instead of stretching over the belly, they simply provide a higher waist and a smooth fit for the top. For example, these jeans would look much better with a t-shirt over them than regular jeans.
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A bit pricey, but Imogene+Willie makes lovely high-quality high-waisted jeans.
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Karen Kane - specifically touted for high-waisted-ness.
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You can sometimes find smoking deals on NYDJ at Also check Amazon. And BTW, I'm thirding their clothes. I freaking hate low-waisted stuff. I've asked a similar question about shorts before that might have some helpful responses.
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I find most J.Crew pants to be mid-to-low rise. As someone who strongly prefers low rises, their pants are a little high for my taste but bearable.

Most of the premium denim brands will have specifically high rise fits, but be prepared to pay $100+ on sale and close to $200 at full price.

I'll second Levi's Curve ID, Boden, and especially Karen Kane. If you're looking for skinny jeans and/or trendier styles, Urban Outfitters has some high-rise styles as well.
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