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Help me plan a perfect day visit to Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow NY this Saturday!

Hello all! I and my friend will be attending the Obscura Society NYC's Murder and Mayhem Night Tour at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery this Saturday. Since the tour begins at 8:30 that evening, we figured we'd take a train up from the city (we live in Brooklyn) that morning and make a day of it. Neither of us have been there before.

I've done some looking myself, and I figured we'd get off the train in Tarrytown and go to the farmers' market for breakfast, go kayaking for an hour sometime midday, and then grab some dinner and then head to the cemetery tour. But what to do in between those activities?

We aren't looking to fit all there is to do into one day. We are just hoping to have a leisurely day strolling about and seeing/doing interesting things. We are two 30 year old women who like to eat and drink. We aren't very outdoorsy (kayaking is about the extent of what we are willing to do) but being from the city we are happy to walk from one place to another without need for any other form of transportation.

An ideal answer would look something like an itinerary in a geographically efficient order (starting in Tarrytown at the farmers' market and working our way North maybe?). What is a good place to get dinner? Are there any cute shopping areas with antiques or boutiques or other kinds of -tiques? A cute place to get afternoon cocktails? Somewhere with nice views to sit and chat? Must-see tourist sites? We'll probably get up there around 10 or 11 in the morning.
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Stone Barns and Blue Hill @ Stone Barns if you can swing the tariff. There are some OK restaurants in downtown Tarrytown.

Kykuit is a nice tour if that sort of thing floats your boat.
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ETA: Stone Barns actually has a pretty nice cafe to grab lunch. Blue Hill does lunch on the weekends.

Main Street (Which the train station sits at the bottom of) is where most of the other choices would be.
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Get lunch at Mint or at Sweetgrass Grill. The waterfront trail system in front of the new condos downtown is neat to stroll for an hour or so too and you have a great view of the bridge and down to part of NYC. The whole Rockefeller State Park trail system as well as the Old Croton Aqueduct are great for walking but may not fit into your itinerary.
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As said above, there is Kykuit, together with the related chapel with the Chagall windows. Kykuit is the Cadillac of Hudson Valley Estates -- very well done, but it's run with military precision. It's impressive, but not particularly inviting.

Much more relaxed (and less expensive) is Lyndhurst. The house itself is more interesting, though not as lavish. And there's plenty of time to stroll the considerable grounds after. Personally, I'd go for Lyndhurst, as it is just so Goreyesque. Much more personable.
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Sunnyside, Washington Irving's house, neighbors Lyndhurst. Not so grand, but charming and will get you in the perfect mindset for a spooky Sleepy Hollow tour later that evening. When I visited I was able to get right to the house via NYWaterway Ferry -- not sure if that is a seasonal weekend route or something you can book anytime.
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I had a delicious hamburger and two Dogfishhead lunch at Horsefeathers in Tarrytown last year.

If local infrastructure and engineering history is your bag, the Old Croton Aqueduct is nearby.
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Nthing Stone Barns!

Also, Tarrytown is a 15 minute hop across the Tappan Zee Bridge to Nyack, a great little Hudson River village with requisite cute shops, nice restaurants and bars, other cultural attractions and excellent moderate hiking!
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Since you're already doing a lot I'd suggest Sunnyside if you are going to do one of the house tours. Much more laid back and still interesting.

The Bridge View Tavern on Beekman in Sleepy Hollow had great food when I lived there long ago. Horsefeathers was also good - glad to hear its still there!
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Seconding Lyndhurst if that's your bag, especially because you get a nice view of the river from the grounds that I don't think is possible from the Rockefeller estate, though it's been years since I've been.

Nyack is also nice! That's pretty much where I grew up. I don't know enough about Tarrytown's downtown area to gauge whether it's worth crossing the bridge for, though. You'd have to take the Tappan Zee Express bus across.
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do you knit?
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The farmer's market and kayaking plan is great. I'm not sure you'll have enough time to do Nyack across the river.

Lyndhurst, two miles out of town in the other direction from the farmer's market, has beautiful grounds. You can walk around most of the estate without going inside. Like others above, I prefer Sunnyside because of the literary angle, plus it ties right into your cemetery event that evening. Both these visits are about a two-mile walk from the center of Tarrytown. Consider a taxi. I believe there may be Zipcars in Sleepy Hollow if you have a membership. Or check public transit.

If you prefer a Kykuit tour, you pick up a tourist bus at Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow. The Stone Barns Cafe, near Kykuit, is a nice spot for an outdoor lunch. Blue Hill Stone Barns is a mega restaurant experience, but probably not what you have in mind for your outdoor day. Hopefully you can catch any of the Kykuit buses so that you can walk around the Pocantico State Park trails. The bus will then deposit you back at Philipsburg Manor and you can walk into Tarrytown for an early dinner. Mint is wonderful, though a bit pricey. There are many dinner options on Main Street, Tarrytown.

Have fun!
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Main Street Sweets on Main Street has some pretty great ice cream.
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Visit the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (Washington Irving is buried there!) and Lyndhurst.
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