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What should I call my body-positive personal training business?

Soooo I've just started a little personal training business, and I need a name for it.

Things to consider: a big part of it is that I want training with me to be a very body-positive experience for my clients. This means I don't weigh or measure anyone, but encourage clients to measure progress based on increased fitness, strength, health and confidence. I'm down with the whole health at every size thing. I want my clients to really enjoy exercising with me and to find improving their fitness to be empowering. I want it to be fun, and I want to be someone they can trust. I'm running my sessions outdoors and at a rented hall rather than in a conventional gym. I may do group classes in the future.

I wanted to call it Body Positive Personal Training or Body Positive Fitness, but those are already taken by another Australian company. Any suggestions?
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How about "Body Positive", "Body+" or "Positive Body"?
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Seconding Body+, which would be spoken 'Body Positive' although calling it 'Body Plus' wouldn't be bad either.
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Affirm Body Fitness?
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Any Size
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BodyLove Health & Fitness
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Feelgood Fitness
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Fitness For Fun
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Positively Fit
Positively Fun
Fitness for Every Body
Love your body
Body Love Personal Training
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What about just "Positive" or "Positive Fitness"?
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Body Plus
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'Get A+ results with B+'
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More like a promo line than a name:

Have a Fit(ness)

Fit Fun

I would not even use the word body or body positive in the title. I would focus on the focus you actually give in class: we are here to get fitter and have fun. I thinking putting body or body positive in the title is counterproductive. It sends the wrong message. Your title should tell what you do -- get fit, have fun, love your body -- not conjure visions of being against worrying about your weight or societal body image pressure or whatever.

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One Size All Fitness
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I like Michele in California's suggestion to focus on the fitness results, not the body. Maybe something with "strength" in the title--like "Full Strength Fitness."
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While I get that fitness is fitness, and that anyone can be fit at any size, I disagree that you shouldn't put that in the title. There are those of us who really want to be fit, even if we're destined to be fat. We are actively LOOKING for such an animal and it's really difficult to find fitness 'experts' who don't judge us for being overweight/fat, whatever.

Positive Health and Fitness would work well, it's descriptive and those of us looking for Health at Any Size resources will be cheered by the title. Although a title with a plus sign (+) is cute too.

Give your classes cute names:

Move your Arse/Ass
Shift your Arse/Ass
Lift your Arse/Ass
Bingo Wing Tightening

I'm so bummed you are on the other side of the world. I'd work out with you!
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I like Affirm Body Fitness, not just for the pun, but for it's alphabetical prominence over the others you mention.

Other ideas:
Define Yourself Fitness
Smart Fitness
Doin' It Fitness
Movin' It Fitness
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All Body Fitness. As in it's for All bodies and it's for All of your body. Also i too would totally work out with you as it seems like a great philosophy for a trainer. Good luck with your business.
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Something with a + in the title might be harder to google, which could be an issue.
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Something with Affirm Body in it is pretty darn catchy.
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A variation on chavenet's "One Size All Fitness":

Fit for All Sizes
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Speaking of googleability, Affirm Body will require spelling and explanation every time. I prefer Any Body Fitness, has the high alphabet ranking and mild pun but your URL will be the same whether or not they hear a space.
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lifethatihavenotlivedyet's Body Positive Personal Training
Body Positive Personal Training with lifethatihavenotlivedyet
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A few more suggestikns:

The Fit Factory
Fitness Works
A Firm Body (it sounds the same as Affirm Body but will make more intuitive sense to people, yet subliminally will still contain "affirm")

I Like to Move It, Move It Company (or Co.) (The movie reference here should read as fun, happy, humorous, we don't care what you look like, etc)

A few more thoughts:
If you want a website for this business, it is nice (though not essential) if the dot com is available. Try to pick something you do not have to explain or spell. So avoid homophones like for/four. If there is a second language in common usage where you are establishing this business, you might want to run any ideas past a native speaker of that language and check that it isn't a euphemism or homophone for something undesirable. (Nova just means "new" in Latin and sounds cool to American English ears. In Spanish, no va means "no go." A car called Nova sold very poorly in Spanish-speaking countries, which initially baffled the American car company that produced it. And I have heard lots of other things like that.)

Whatever name you go with, if there are ever publicity photos or photos in promo materials, take pains to try to have them show the diversity you have in mind. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and I have seen some stats on how much (American) corporate materials skew toward thin, white male/"beautiful people" in a manner which sometimes undermines the diversity message of the words in the materials.
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Whole Fitness
Fitness Difference
Empower Yourself Training
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In addition to the problems MiC mentioned, adding "positive" in isolation kind of makes me think of HIV.

What about something like "WeAreStrong" or "WeAreHealthy"? It emphasizes togetherness, one of the aspects you want to develop in your clients, and "are" vs. "can be" makes it seem more inclusive and empowering IMO. (But I have no experience naming a company, so this answer may be straight from the Dunning-Kruger playbook)
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Response by poster: Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I was able to register Body Positive Health & Fitness in the end. Yay!
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