Anyone have an add-on like Autopager for Firefox, but doesn't suck?
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Need add-on to automatically load series of pages in Firefox

I have used the add-on autopager for firefox for a while, but it hasn't been working well lately. What autopager is supposed to do is automatically load the next few pages all on the same page, when browsing sites that have multiple pages, like all the google results will load up on one continual stream. But I've been noticing some problems: the wizard to add new sites doesn't work right and the google search box disappears when you go to the google website. So does any one have an add-on that is like autopager for firefox, but works better?
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I don't have what you need, but if you have any other plugins designed to block parts of webpages, they could be interfering with the function of autopager. Disable some of them (adblockers, greasemonkey-type stuff, anti-tracking, etc.) and see if that helps. Google (e.g.) may have changed some of the works behind the curtain such that what once worked before no longer works.
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