Online Vintage Ad and Fine Photography Site?
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I'm looking for a specific seller of vintage ads and vintage fine photography

They sold these images:
creepy bean kid,
yam girl and ham girl,
space kids,
and pasta freckles.

They also sold some Cadillac ads and some very unusual vintage wrestler posters that were paintings of wrestlers on pastel backgrounds. Of the photos they sold, I remember a series of shots of a train yard with a Pabst Blue Ribbon neon sign above it.

I am looking for a specific ad they sold of refreshing, over-saturated glasses of lovely beverages of various colors with paper straws sticking out. I've never seen it anywhere else. I think I first heard about it on Mefi but I can't find it for the life of me. I am afraid that this business may be defunct.
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Best answer: Plan 59 ?
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Definitely Plan 59. All of these creepy ad children and more adorn the walls of my employer's office suite.
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Response by poster: OH, HELL YEAH. Thank you, Metafilter.
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For folks who might want cheaper, lower quality versions, many of those ads come from 1940s/1950s Life magazines. You can usually find full mags for a couple bucks plus shipping on eBay; most issues have 20-30+ neat color ads in them you can frame yourself pretty cheap. Plan 59 crops and cleans the originals to emphasize the awesome color and design and prints them on much better paper than 1940s magazine paper, of course, but I thought the option was worth mentioning.
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Jumping in to mention that Dave from Plan 59 is also the brains behind the marvelous Shorpy photo archive.
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