Kid-Friendly Flash Builder?
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My 9-year-old daughter likes to animate things on The website allows you to upload flash animations, and she'd like to make her own animations of, say, the Sesame Street characters. The canonical program for building flash animations is Adobe Flash Professional. I'm guessing that is beyond her capabilities (and may be beyond mine!). Are there simpler programs that allow a patient but unsophisticated user to build very simple flash animations?
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You don't mention if you're looking for Mac, PC, or iPad apps... but if you have an iPad, maybe Toontastic fits the bill?
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Scratch is what you are looking for. Build your own blocks builds on scratch and will let you program at a more 'advanced' level. Stencyl builds on BYOB if a person wants to make cross platform games.
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Response by poster: This is for Mac. Specifically I'd like her to be able to generate flash animations she can drop into her GoAnimate videos, if possible.
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Best answer: You want Flip Boom Cartoon. It's pretty entry-level, and outputs SWF. It's also on sale right now.

If your daughter wants to go deeper in a year or two, I'd suggest Flip Boom All Stars or even Toon Boom Studio; I used to be a professional Flash animator, and TBS is what I keep around for when I want to fool around with animation, not Flash. Flash is really not very friendly, even after several years of using it!

All of the aforementioned programs can output SWF, and are available on the Mac.

TVPaint may also be of interest when she's in her teens, if she still likes animating. I've seen some gorgeous painterly stuff done in it.

And also! If she decides she wants to be serious about animation a ways down the line, go here for a great animation course by John Kricfalusi.
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