Looking for suggestions for a pair of aviator-style sunglasses.
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Need suggestions for a pair of "aviator-style" sunglasses that will fit my face.

Ok, I have several pairs of sunglasses that I wear, however, most of them are "active" type glasses; ones that I wear running, cycling, etc, and I also use them in my car, etc. I was recently at a couple of work functions in the daytime and realized that my more sporty type glasses just didn't fit with my work clothes, etc. Therefore, I am in the market for a new pair.

I was recently on a trip to the US (I live in Canada) and I visited an Oakley store. I browsed their entire line and I found the perfect pair for me - the Oakley Crosshair 2.0. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to get back to the store before I had to fly home. I didn't figure this to be a big deal as I thought that I would order them from the online store when I got home (there are no Oakley stores for thousands of miles close to my home). Anyway, I was sadden to find out when I got home that Oakley no longer sells the ones that I want (Frame: Lead, Lens: Ice).

Therefore, I am looking for recommendations of an aviator type sunglasses to wear. After checking out ones at the Oakley store, I realized that for my face (which is round and small), a smaller pair of glasses is what I am looking for. Also, the square lens suit me a lot better, vs. the larger rounder, more Top Gun style aviator style glasses, unless Ray Ban makes them in a smaller size?

I just did a quick google search and the style that Leonardo DiCaprio wore in Blood Diamond is sort of the style that I am looking for.

Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for a pair that might suit me? The brand doesn't matter - Oakley, Ray Ban, etc, but I am not looking to pay more than $200 - I would prefer to pay a LOT less if possible, and I would have to buy them online, which makes me nervous as i would like to be able to try them on first, etc. So a company with affordable shipping to Canada would be an asset.

Hopefully someone can help.

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I like my Xoor by Polaroid:
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Best answer: I recommend Randolph Engineering whenever someone asks this question.
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AO Eyewear
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Best answer: Seconding Randolph Engineering. I bought a pair after seeing a recommendation in a much older Ask, and I'm very happy with them. Also, you'd be avoiding supporting the Luxottica near-monopoly (which apparently owns both Ray-Ban and Oakley).
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Best answer: I also bought a pair of the Randolph aviator style glasses, and I like them a lot. Plus, they're manufactured in Massachusetts if supporting North American manufacturing is important to you.
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If you go back to Ray-Bans, there are the Olympians.
/Don Draper
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Response by poster: Hey all.

Thanks for the replies. Please keep them coming!

Seems like the Randolph's are a popular suggestion. Never heard of them until today. Interesting.

Side note - has anyone ever bought from opticsplanet.com?

Just curious.
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Best answer: nthing Randolph. They're fantastic. I found them after asking for help identifying a pair I saw on TV. Bought directly from them, so no history with opticsplanet.
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Response by poster: Ok. I have decided to go with the Randolph Enginnering Aviator's.

Any pointers about sizes? Or lens color options?

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One note about the Aviators: they are designed with the bayonet (straight-back) arms so that they can be put on and taken off while wearing a helmet and earphones. If you will not be doing anything terribly athletic while wearing them, they'll be fine; however, they won't be quite as secure as arms that drop down behind your ear, or spring arms that wrap around the back of the ear.

Great glasses, though.
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You can order them with standard arms from the manufacturer's website, actually. Also there are several options for frame finish and lens types!

I went with the standard grey polycarbonate lens, but there are polarized and mirror finish options if you want them. I think they all block the same levels of UV.
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Response by poster: Bought a pair of Randolph's, got them in the mail a couple of days ago and have been wearing them ever since! MUCH better than I expected. Thanks for all who recommended them and helped!!
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