Other sites like American Science and Surplus?
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I do quite a lot of building small music devices using DIY kits and recycled cases and parts. What are the best sites for for weird, bulk supplies? What are the other sites like American Science and Surplus (http://www.sciplus.com)?

I rely heavily on discount & bulk parts to make this hobby possible, as paying retail for components (resistors, IC's, etc) would make it cost prohibitive. I am aware of mouser and jameco and all the component suppliers. I am looking for sites that sell affordable & somewhat strange STUFF - like American Science and Surplus. What else is out there? Googling brings up the same old stuff. Thanks in advance.
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I was introduced early to Electronic Goldmine. In addition to cheap surplus components and kits, they sell random assortments and boxes of components.
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Sometimes Burden Sales Surplus Center has a bargain on brutish stuff. Review the shipping charges before you buy, I found them a bit high.

Recently Anchor Optics (now a part of Edmund Optics) had just the right plastic lens at $4.50/(pkg of 12)
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United Nuclear.
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MPJA Online
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All Electronics
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Skycraft Surplus
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Surplus Shed has some good surplus optics.
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surplustraders.net (aka the old 73.com). Where else can you get 10,000 fuel injectors, an ATM, and a retinal vitrectomy machine in one shot?
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I like BGMicro a lot.
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Apex Electronics. (Also seconding Wierd Stuff Warehouse and All Electronics, mentioned above.)
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In the UK:
Mindsets - includes a lot of "tester" sizes, which are perfect for small projects.
Phenoptix - Local (to me) guys who have awesome things in a tiny shed.
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Ax-man Surplus is very similar to American Science and Surplus. They are located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN (US) metro area.
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Fair Radio Sales is a standby; maybe not quite what you're looking for, mostly military surplus electronics- but you're guaranteed to find somethng you can't live without. Get their printed catalog, too.
Surplus Sales of Nebraska is good; some of their prices can be high, generally because they know exactly what they've got!
Sam Goldwasser's collection of links will keep you busy.
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WOW - thank you everyone. Can I mark all 15 as best answer? Y'all rock.
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Modulor (based in Berlin but shipping internationally) - more for the finishing/decorative side but good materials and tools
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