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Looking for an Android to-do app that manages a single to-do list (and/or calendar events) between two folks' phones.

My wife and I would like to share a to-do list between the two of us. I like the simplicity of Google Keep, she's an Evernote user, but both revolve around a single user's account. Ideally I'd like some piece of software that maintains a single list synced between devices rather than one where, like Google Calendar, I'm able to see her stuff and she can see mine. Does not need to have desktop accessibility but that would also be a plus.
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Couldn't you use pretty much any to-do list that has an online aspect and just both use the same account? For example, Remember the Milk?
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Best answer: Avocado!

I think Avocado is what you want.
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You can share to-do lists with Wunderlist.
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My girlfriend and I have our own Google Calendars, but one of us created a new "Us" calendar (under "My Calendar" | "Create New Calendar" on the left menu of the web interface) and shared it to the other. Now we can both create and edit events on that calendar, while maintaining our private events individually. Bonus: we only need to look at one app to see ALL the events instead of one calendar and one to-do app.
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Yeah, just create another Google calendar with full permission rights for both parties.
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Dunno about to dos, but I keep a shared family calendar and a personal calendar on Google.
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I use Astrid but Yahoo bought it so I expect it to start failing me in some way.
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Thirding creating a shared Google calender. It's way easy to do and it keeps your private stuff private and it's accessible across so many applications. My guy uses his ipod to access our shared calendar and I use my android. Best thing is, it works with the calendar app that came with the phone.
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My spouse and I use a combination of Astrid and a shared Google Calendar. Works great!
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I really like Out of Milk. My girlfriend and I share shopping lists and to do lists there.
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