What digital media/newspapers should I subscribe to
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My media/news needs are not really region specific, so I am looking for the best English language news media available regardless of location

Currently trying out a paid digital subscription package with The Times (UK) and thinking of a subscription to The International Herald Tribune/NYT. I have a digital subscription to The New Yorker after many years of a print subscription. And have the English language version of Das Spiegel on my iPhone.
What other news media available on the internet are great to subscribe to and why? Happy to pay if it is worth it. Extra points for great iPad apps.
Specific to me - I'm on the left-leaning end of the spectrum but am happy to read centrist opinion (not interested in far-right rantings). I perfer an international world view. I think The Guardian is becoming link-bait. 'Hard' news, presented as news and opinion as opinion, not news, is the perference.
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From the UK newspapers I've found very little to recommend The Times (1785) when I've read it. I have a digital subscription free with my mobile contract, and it's been broken for say, 6 months without me having been bothered. It's spectacularly poor at covering the evils of the I am, however, happy with The Guardian, which has always had an abundance of gossipy things, but still has good news coverage as well.

In the end, from the UK, I'd go for The Economist, The London Review of Books and Prospect Magazine.
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The Economist
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The Sunday Times is sublime. The app has a reputation for being a bit flaky but is getting better. I enjoy the more considered pace and depth it has on the week's stories rather than racing through a single day. That is to say, I now only read it instead of the dailies.
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NY Times, HuffPost, NPR, BBC News, TheFeature.net.
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thanks everyone. Should have added I was considering not keeping The Times past the trial period as I only really enjoy the Sunday Times (like wackybrit) and about three of their columnists.
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