Audio cracking in Chrome on OS X Mountain Lion
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I upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard, and now all audio crackles in Chrome. YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud.. everything. It starts out clear and then after about 10 seconds it begins to crackle and gradually increases until the audio is unlistenable. Crackle volume changes with volume controls but intensity does not. Audio is fine using Safari and Firefox or any desktop application like iTunes or Spotify.

I have a 2011 MBP and my Chrome is up to date. I tried searching Google but was unsuccessful. Any ideas?
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If you open the Application "Audio MIDI Setup" (Type that in spotlight), try selecting the built in Output and changing the format. 44.1k and 2ch-24 integar is what my air is set up with and has no crackling.
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That worked! Any idea why this may have changed? Or why it suddenly started causing problems? It was set at 16-bit integer
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I believe 16 was an old default setting if you've upgraded several times from previous OSX versions. Certain applications(like audio production stuff) may have screwed with it as well.

The cracking is caused by improper buffer size leading to the buffer not refilling quickly enough though, and I'm wondering if there was an option for that which also flipped back to the default when you selected 24.
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