Why are kissing and hungry presented as opposites?
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Help me come up with a funny Father's Day card based on this weird baby book

(First, I know father's day was last weekend, but we are celebrating it this weekend).

This is my sweetie's first Father's Day. I want to make him a card using this baby book he dislikes. It's called "Baby Faces." The babies are weird looking and probably photoshopped. It's sorta themed around emotions, but then there's this right in the middle. In addition to the weird looking babies, he dislikes that so many negative emotions are represented, and that it's poorly organized (why are puzzled and surprised on the same page?) It's ripped to shreds from our little guy, too.

I want to make a card using pictures from it for my sweetie, but I'm not really good at these crafty/clever things. Any ideas?

The pictures represent: happy, sad, puzzled, surprised, where's baby? peek-a-boo, angry, worried, crying, laughing, hungry, kissing, dirty, clean, tired, fast asleep. If you'd like more pictures, let me know.

Please don't take me to task for calling babies weird looking. I blame the photographer/editor.
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Can you arrange the pictures like the Brady Bunch theme song? Maybe you could even put Alice in the middle?
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Put the "where's the baby" on the front with that exact text.

Put a picture of your baby, ass in the air (or similar) with a funny caption "I WILL POOP ON YOU" or similar, inside.

You reel him in with the familiar, and ambush him with the unexpected, you see.

Then inside just "Happy Father's Day".

(and print out on fairly heavy paper. If you really want to go whole hog, buy an existing Father's Day card and paste your pics over it, and put it inside the envelope it came with.)
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I would make a flip book of famous fathers with their children, the more serious the better, except cut and paste pictures of your weird babies faces over the fathers' faces.

No real reason why except for that it would be horrifying and funny.
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A few ideas:
Make Daddy [or YourLastName] Faces with pictures of him and your baby [or all of you], same emotions/order as the book
Combine the pictures with Comic Life and turn it into a story, with Daddy as the hero (maybe rescuing your baby from something?) and all the other babies reacting, or maybe all the babies are trying to prevent Daddy from getting to your baby or something
Combine all the "negative emotion" pictures with a "Before Daddy" caption on the cover, and on the inside have the happy babies, plus a big happy picture of your baby, with "After Daddy"
Take the book apart, turn into a hanging mobile, hang directly over his side of the bed
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Make up like a mini "yearbook", a booklet using the stupid baby pictures from the book on the first few pages with dippy bios like from a high school yearbook - and then on the last page put a picture of your baby, and in your baby's bio you write that it's the valedictorian and a member of the national honor society and is most likely to succeed or etc.
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