Rainy days on the Olympic Peninsula?
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My girlfriend and I are going to drive to Port Angeles, WA Friday night and stay through Monday. We originally planned three days of hiking and Sol Duc Hot Springs but now it looks like it is likely to rain at least one day, maybe more. We're bringing books and a board game, but what other things would be good rainy day activities in the Port Angeles area? Are there wineries or other things to see that you would recommend?
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Loads of antique shops in the downtown area that are fun to look around on rainy days, if you like that sort of thing.
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You could head for the coast and look for a low tide, it's full moon time so the tides are pretty extreme and tidal pools are great fun rain or shine. You really shouldn't let rain slow you down in washington.
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Remember that the E. side of the Olympics is in a rain shadow, so it could be pouring at Sol Duc, but dry(ish) on the Hood Canal side. Also, old-growth forests (Hoh, Quinalt, etc.) have big trees that keep a lot of the rain from falling on you. Second what OHenryPacey said - make it work in the rain!
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Here's a link to the ferry info.
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I live on the east side of the country now, so take this with a grain of salt, but drives to Hurricane Ridge and Crescent lake might be worthwhile, as might walks on Dungeness Spit or (with rain gear) to Cape Alava (3 mile walk, much of it on boardwalk, then drop down the bluff to the ocean where you can go looking for petroglyphs). Possible drive also to Port Townsend, which I believe is in the "Banana Belt" (rain shadow) of the Olympic Peninsula. You almost never get downpours in the Northwest. Think of it as a heavy mist and you'll be fine.
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It's likely to be real rain (not just the downward-moving-mist rain we often get) but it probably won't be continuous or especially heavy. I also think you should consider giving your hikes a try regardless of the weather (raincoat with hood and waterproof hiking boots should be enough, esp. if you're coming back to a warm room at the end of the day).

Port Townsend is large and interesting enough to absorb an afternoon or so of poking around in shops+galleries+etc if you're in the mood for that, as well.
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It rained when I was at Lake Quinault but it was just like a steady misting. We still went hiking and had fun! The spritzing just made the forest seem even greener.

So jealous, one of my fave vacation spots! Enjoy!
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La Push was amazing and gorgeous, even in the rain.
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