Looking for a modern cover of "It's Only A Paper Moon".
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I was in a shop today and heard a snippet of "It's Only A Paper Moon" played with what sounded like a synth beat. Unfortunately the clerks weren't able to help me figure out the artist and sorting through the 813 versions of the song on iTunes has proven slow work. Does anyone know of a track like this? I may be off in my description a bit, but it definitely wasn't your standard jazz cover.
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Whiskeytown (Ryan Adam's breakthrough band) did a cover of it on Pneumonia (2001). However, it's got more of a calypso or cha cha beat than a synth beat, although I could see how the latin percussion could be mistaken for, say an 808 commonly used on something synth-beat-sounding.
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Response by poster: Thanks, but upon listening I'd say it was much faster than that, more like a dance beat.
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Songs that sampled Ella Fitzgerald.
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Did it sound similar to this shiny toy guns remix of a similar song?

Also, were the vocals original with new electronic backing, or were they redone like that song.

I can likely ask a couple people and seriously narrow this down if I know those two details.
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Response by poster: I'm 99% sure it was new vocals.

Not too much in common with the shiny toy guns cover. Much more energetic for a start.
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Could it be Erin McKeown's version? It's not synth-y, but is heavy on the percussion and has a much faster tempo.
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Response by poster: Oooh, finding out about the Erin McKeown version alone was worth this AskMe.

Update the background and give it a bit of a funky beat and we're there.
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(For future readers of this thread: the Whiskeytown song Paper Moon is not a cover but a new song with the same name. See also the Ryan Adams songs Hallelujah and New York, New York, which are not covers.)
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