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What are some meal ideas that feature items where each person gets their own thing -- like an individual meat pie or individually wrapped up spanakopita triangle?

The backstory is that I'm planning to have people over for dinner and I don't want any leftovers because we're all leaving for a long vacation together the next morning. I figure if I serve something where everyone gets their own whatever (and a few sides to round things out) I can more accurately peg the amount of food we'll all eat. Plus, those individualized things are fun and make dinner guests feel special.

So let me know -- what entrees do you love to "get your own"of? I have no dietary restrictions so share whatever you think of -- meaty, vegetarian, vegan, whatever.
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Cornish game hen
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I'd go with personal pizzas! Let everyone make their own (on a grill, if that's doable for you).
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Any kind of fish en papillote - baked in a sealed parchment package with herbs, vegetables, seasonings.

Do a steak and a baked potato count?
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Trout or other whole fish
Stuffed green pepper
Bread bowl with chili or chowder
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this is the perfect situation for a burrito party
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Personal pizza is what I was going to suggest.
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I just made some lasagne roll-ups, which meant I just cooked four noodles in a pot of water, which was a bit silly, but I hate slogging through a pan of lasagne for a week.

Anything you can bake in a little french onion soup pot, or barring that, several things in ramekins, is game, be it a pot pie, a quiche, or so on. (Or tiny cakes when you get to dessert.)

Stuffed pepper, or stuffed eggplants, or even stuffed individual squashes.
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I had a grilled cheese party recently that turned into more of a sandwich party; I had bread but I also had a pile of assorted paninis which ended up being way more popular. I had at least a dozen cheeses (you won't want to go so nuts with the stated objective of no leftovers, but it is easy to chuck grated cheeses into the freezer), grated and in tubs with the cheese label slapped on top, sitting on ice.

Fillings: caramelised onions, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, grilled/marinated peppers and zucchini, sauerkraut, arugula, spinach [etc]

Condiments: hot sauces, mustard, garlic spread, high-fat butter [etc]

I had a panini press and left people to it. The sandwiches were delicious, and, possibly of use to you: you can freeze something like that quite nicely; just thaw, press, eat, later.
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How about individual beef wellingtons?
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Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches.

Mix together some melted butter, Dijon mustard, finely chopped onion and poppy seeds. Spread on top half of a long hoagie roll. I've found that a not-too-crusty baguette works, too. On bottom half of roll, stack a couple slices ham and a slice of Swiss cheese. Place top on sandwich and wrap each sandwich tightly in foil. Bake on a tray in a medium oven for 25-30 min. Yum.
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Response by poster: Loving these suggestions!!!
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Samosas, although that's probably three or four per person.
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Pasties. Use store bought pie dough to make it easier.

Or use the frozen bread/pizza doughs to make calzones.
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Seconding samosas, though when I make them, they end up MUCH larger than expected. Get some tamarind chutney and some coriander chutney and some plain yogurt and make some saffron rice, and yummy yum! You've got a full meal, complete with dippin' sauces. That always makes it feel more like a party. :)
(PS...When I've made samosas, I cheat and use premade puff pastry.)
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Burritos and tacos. YUM.
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Pot pies made in ramekins. Oh, and individual servings of meatloaf (meatloaves?) in muffin pans! Also good with ground chicken in place of ground beef.
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Summery -
stuffed tomato
cut of fish
chicken breast
possible depending on location - artichoke

For dessert, strawberry shortcakes
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Not an entree for most people: but two Vietnamese summer rolls = perfect supper for me.
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Any kind of steak or chop would work wouldn't it? Or is the whole meal supposed to be packaged up?
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One large field mushroom per person, stalk removed, fried off, filled with Brie and a bit of cranberry sauce, wrapped in filo and baked for long enough to brown the pastry.

Savoury Summer Pudding: lightly precooked veg-that's-in-season, coated in sloppy amounts of pesto, done up like a summer pudding in individual ramekins. Make sure you butter the outside of the bread. Bake VERY HOT until bread resembles toast.
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Calzones! (Or strombolis, but I like calzones better.) :)
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