Wordpress Image Gallery Manager needed
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I need a plug in or other solution to manage a bunch of images on Wordpress, so I can easily pull them into galleries based on theme, artist, museum, or other categories, and then be able to dynamically create thumbnail galleries and slideshows based on this data.

The goal is that each artist will have a page, and when it pops up a gallery of all their works will show... or I could choose a museum or other art event, and all the images that appeared there would show as well. Etc.

The workaround I want to avoid, unless it can be easily automated, would be to create a seperate page/post for each image, which would make managing my pages/posts a nightmare.

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What about using a Flickr stream. Just make sure to either watermark the images or place a copyright notice in the bottom corner. I have my photos on my site organized that way. you can make various albums in Flickr, it might be a solution. Sounds like you are looking for something more sophisticated than that.
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Use NextGen Gallery & tags
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belladonna said what I came in to say.
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Alas, it seems NextGen gallery is the best option for now, but doesn't solve all my problems (though my solution may simply be creating a new post for each image).
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