How fast is China Post EMS express mail service from Shanghai to London?
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What's the fastest and second fastest available service (how long does it take and how much does it cost) for Chinese postal service's EMS express mail service for mailing an ordinary document (2 pages) from Shanghai to London? Thank you very much for any help - I was having trouble finding this online (trying to compare it with DHL/FedEx/UPS ) Thanks!
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It should take 5 days and cost about 220RMB. You can check for yourself here:
Time Quote
Rate Quote

Hint: If you get weird errors, use the oldest version of Internet Explorer you can find. I use IE7 for most Chinese sites.
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Thanks bradf! I'm on Mac Safari so I was having trouble with that website before.
Looks like the price difference with UPS and Fedex is about 50-60 RMB (EMS cheaper); with Fedex saying 4 days and UPS saying 3 days for delivery.
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