What´s the title of this science fiction short story?
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It´s a story about a man who gets a message in his dreams coming from a civilization that´s living in a pore in the skin of his hand. He is told that every time he scratches his hand this will cause a catastrophe in their little universe, which has already happened several times before. Finally he agrees not to scratch his hand for a while.
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"Starting from Scratch," by Robert Sheckley. (I have a copy of it in this anthology, but it's in others as well.)
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Heh... Also, Horton Hears a Who...
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I loved this story as a kid! (I own the anthology mentioned by gnomeloaf, which is fantastic by the way)
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The description sounded like a Sheckley story even before I read gnomeloaf's answer.
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Thanks to everyone,
I love that really amazing short story that shows us that everything in this universe is relative and that we and our universe could perhaps also be situated within a pore of somebody´s hand ...
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