What's a good tool to annotate text-based webpage with more text?
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I'd like to be able to store and annotate a copy of largely text-based webpage, with simple text annotations of no more than a sentence or two. What's a good tool to use? Preferably compatible with Chrome, although I could live with Firefox.

Here's the page, if anyone's interested: www.directory.nsw.gov.au/completelist.asp

As I research each of these individual organisations, I'd like to be able to add notes of no more than a couple of sentences below the name of each. They're hyperlinks which is really useful to me, so I'd like to keep it all happening within the browser if I possibly can.

There are a few tools like Skitch and Diigo which seem more "graphical" (ie. highlighting in colour, drawing shapes etc), but that feels like overkill - all I need to do is add my own text notes, and then save the notes as I go along.

I'm envisaging just being able to nudge each individual line down a bit, and adding the notes into the space, or maybe adding floating (hideable?) notes over the top. I don't mind if that looks horrible, because the only person who'll see this will be me.
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This might not be exactly what you are looking for, but I noticed that you can copy&paste individual letters (just select all entries under a letter) from your browser to OpenOffice Calc (the Excel-variant; Excel might work too) and you get 1 line per entry including the complete link. You can then easily annotate the bejeesus out of this list or add further columns for phone and address information.

This means that you will have to c&p up to 26 times, but it's easy work done fast and the added accessibility of the data should make up for it.
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Best answer: Maybe A.nnotate? The free plan may be all you need.
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Response by poster: A.nnotate seems pretty good - thanks v much!
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