Easiest ways to mark up PPT presentation on the fly?
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Need to give a PPT presentation: would like to be able to ink slides as I talk: nothing fancy, just handwriting. Any suggestions for a technophobe?
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Can you use an overhead projector & transparencies? You can hand-write on those easily.
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Right mouse click, left click pointer options>pen, then hold down left mouse button and draw away.
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Project onto a whiteboard, then write on it with dry-erase markers?
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For $50 you can buy a Wacom Bamboo input tablet and mark up your slides in real time. I know professors that do this all the time. MeMail me for more long winded discussion.
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Heck, if you want the tablet route then consider getting one at Monoprice, which is insanely cheap. This route has now lugging equipment and learning new hardware.
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One thought is, if you know what you're going to write, just animate it in.

You can use regular text, which will be more readable than handwriting, and it will all be in one item, so no extra crap to lug around.
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