Any opinions on graduate schools of banking?
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Is attending a graduate school of banking worthwhile?

I am referring to programs such as Stonier, LSU, Wisconsin, Colorado, etc. These are programs where you attend classes for a week or two each summer for three summers plus monthly projects done on your own time during the two years between the three summer sesssions.

The target students are VP-level and up employees in the finacial services industry. They are not prohibitively expensive, as I assume the total cost would easily be covered by most employers' tuition reimburesment programs.

I am just curious as to how these are viewed in the industry, especially when someone has this degree without any other graduate degrees (e.g. MBA) or designations (e.g. CFA).
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I did a post-MBA week long class at Vanderbilt. I don't even list it on my resume.

These things are meant to get folks out of their offices and rubbing shoulders with others of their ilk.

If your job pays for it, and you think you'd enjoy the class, go for it, but I doubt seriously that anyone even knows they exist, or if they do, if they think anything at all of them, one way or another.
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I assume you mean things like this? ABA Stonier School of Banking? It's not really a degree, though the credits can be applied to an eMBA.
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