Who will fix my readynas?
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I have a Readynas which will not boot. I have gone through support and am ready to give up. Assuming the problem is fixable, is there anyone in New York who you would trust with recovering your music / photo collection?
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If it's a matter of not powering on, I was able to fix mine very easily by ordering a power supply. I think I found one on Amazon. It came with clear instructions which was as simple as removing a few screws and connecting some quick connect wires.

In my case it did nothing when I powered it on. No fan, no lights, no noise. Obviously (to me) a power supply issue so I was able to be pretty confident when I ordered one. You might have a different issue.

You might want to post this to the ReadyNAS forum. Describe your symptoms clearly (what noises and lights, if any, do you see on the ReadyNAS). I'm sure someone there can also direct you to someone who can fix it.
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