Looking for a clip of a man channeling aliens on a British talk show.
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I'm looking for a clip of a man claiming to channel aliens from a BBC-style talk show I am pretty sure I saw here on Metafilter.

It was black and white and looked to be from about the early 60s or late 50s, even, and involved a man who claimed to be channeling aliens (from Venus, I feel like?). The thing itself didn't last very long but there was a lot of build up before the channeling and some decompression after. The main thing I remember is that it was handled with a level of po-faced seriousness that was kind of amazing.

I've googled a ton for it but all I can find is a surprisingly large amount of modern "Ancient Aliens"-type conspiracy theory stuff.
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This sounds really familiar - I think it was covered on Mysterious Universe at some point, but I'm having trouble tracking down the episode. Was the subject English? Was it more a New Age bent (I recall one dude who was recharging the world battery or whatever via drum circles) or an abduction experience?

Ernie Sears?
Billy Meiers?
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Best answer: Ah. Here. From Lifeline in 1959, re-done on a clip show, so beware the annoying commentary.
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Response by poster: Yep. That was it! Thanks!
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Don't thank me, thank Z'rpblat, my Alien Spirit Guide.
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Best answer: Here is the full thing sans commentary.
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