ID this Buffy illustration in TV Guide?
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In 2001, I saved this surreal Buffy the Vampire Slayer art from a page in TV Guide. Who was the artist? [SPOILERS discussed for BtVS season 5]

Back then I pasted the art page to a wall with sticky-tack and it's hung there ever since, which is why the page is so faded and ragged in my photo.

Going by my memory and text on the other side of the page: The art is on page 23 of the September 8, 2001 issue of the U.S. magazine TV Guide. It accompanied an article speculating over Buffy's forthcoming season 6 premiere in October 2001 and discussing the season 5 finale, especially Buffy Summers' death in the finale. Hence the corpselike & ghost Buffys in the illustration.

I'd love to own a copy of this art printed on something sturdier than fragile newsprint. Failing that, I'd at least like to ID the artist. Any ideas?
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Tineye pointed me here, which indicates it's David M. Bowers. I don't see that image on his site, though.
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I've never seen an episode of Buffy.
But I am kinda awesome.

David Bowers
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Touché, darksong.
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Buffy Lives
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I ran the image through TinEye and got nothing!! NOT COOL, TinEye.

But very cool, darksong and hal_c_on. Thanks!
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