Fabulous Dublin restaurant?
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Fabulous Dublin restaurant for a special dinner for two?

I'm looking for a fabulous Dublin restaurant to have a special dinner. Price doesn't matter, it should be central as we will be walking, great atmosphere but not noisy, any type of food welcome! Thank you.
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Two friends of mine had a wonderful anniversary dinner at L'Ecrivain a few weeks back, if you're looking to go all out. It is easily walkable, city centre.

On the cheaper (but still great) side, I've never yet had a bad meal in La Dolce Vita and the atmosphere is as warm and friendly as you could wish for- same goes for Terra Madre. These are both city centre restaurants as well.

Enjoy your visit!
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Best answer: The Winding Stair.
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I've had a really great meal at The Pig's Ear. We did the early bird menu to save money but the full menu also looked great. The waitress also recommended wine to go with dinner given the restraint that I was new in Europe and only knew NZ and Australian wines (she knew enough about both to translate across and I had a lovely French wine). It's next to one side of Trinity so easily walkable from the city centre.
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I assume we're talking Dublin, Ireland here.

If price really doesn't matter, the finest dining in Dublin is Patrick Gilbuad, Ireland's only Michelin two-star. It's formal and expensive but you get what you pay for.

A few weeks ago I went to Shanahan's, which is all about the steaks, though they also have decent seafood options. It's similar quality service to Gilbaud, but not quite as stiff. They have a private bar downstairs which has one of JFK's old rocking chairs in it, valued at USD4m (so it's behind glass). I really enjoyed the evening, but a few years ago I was in Argentina, and every steak I've had since then has been slightly disappointing.

L'Ecrivain as suggested above is also wonderful, and some of the finest individual mouthfuls of food I've ever had have been at that restaurant.

I've heard good things about the Unicorn, and it's where the big shots from my company go, but I haven't been there myself.

Personally, given the choice between all of them I would go with L'Ecrivain. It's a lovely space, excellent service, amazing food, and a gentle, luxurious atmosphere.

Have fun!
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I'd also mention The Greenhouse on Dawson Street. It opened this time last year and is certainly gunning for Michelin star, but I don't believe it has one yet. The 7 course tasting menu was one of the most interesting eating experiences of my life. A little less formal than Guilbaud's, but still fairly formal.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for all of these great suggestions. The Winding Stair is beyond perfect. The bookshop is wonderful and I had NO idea it was also a restaurant. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Askme does it again.
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