Sending Email into the Future
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I want to send emails on a timer. Help!

I want to be able to post new content to my blog during work hours. Blogger allows you to post via email. What I want to do is to be able to send emails at midnight and have them be delivered (and thus posted) at noon and 2pm, say, the next day. Outlook 2000 claims it can send messages delivered no earlier than a certain time, but it's not recognizing me as a sender (also, I'd like to be able to close up my laptop while I'm at work). Is there some easy hack or application that will let me do this? I have a GMail account, a Yahoo account, and an old college email webmail account but none of them seem to have this option. I checked out that "FutureMe" site but it doesn't have the option to set more than a delivery date.

(Please don't just say "post from your work computer." It's a government machine and my boss and coworkers know about the blog. I plan to announce whatever tech solution I use so they know that I am not blogging on government time.)
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Get a shell account somewhere, use cron and sendmail. You might be able to work it out on windows, but believe me, unix is easier by far.
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Eudora will do it. Hold shift and click send, and it will ask when you would like to schedule the delivery for each email. Works well, when I've used it.
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The term is "email scheduler" or "email scheduling" which will help while googling. I don't have experience with any of them, but perhaps someone else does.
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I assume you're going to send these emails before you go to work? Well, if you don't use Eudora, that seems like an intensive workaround when other blog apps (Movable Type, for one) will let you do future posting. (You put it in, it publishes later, time of your choice.) You're jerry-rigging dear old Blogger when you really don't have to.
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Best answer:

I can't vouch for it, though.
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Argh. It works, but there's signature spam.

This email was sent to you by Asef Jil with our Email Scheduler service.
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Yeah, my TypePad blog does this, and it's integrated. How easy would it be to swich from Blogger to TypePad, if this is a killer feature for you?
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Again, can't vouch for it.
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Response by poster: I have a blog template I really like, and most people link to the blogspot address, but if switching to Eudora doesn't work I may have to contemplate Typepad. Phooey.
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I use blat, which is a command-line utility to send emails and schedule it to execute whenever I need it to.
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