Help me identify this piece of art.
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We recently found this piece of art, a bronze plaque, at a table sale. It looks like something created by a known artist, their name is on the tip of my brain, but I'm drawing a blank. Does it ring any bells with any of you?

Here's an image of the whole piece. We think they're birds.

Here are some close ups: 1, 2, 3.

Finally the monogram/signature/artist initials.

We think they're TL. We also think the date is 1962, but there's some dispute about that. It could be 1902.

Any ideas?
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Response by poster: Someone elsewhere's suggested they may be cranes - as in construction. Not bad. Unless there's a double meaning.
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That's definitely got an early-1960s feel to it. Very unlikely it's 1902.

It doesn't remind me of anyone specific. Metafilter's done some amazing things but unless this gets seen by somebody whose father or grandfather made it, identifying the artist will be a long shot.
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I'd really love it if someone can pinpoint the artist, but it is a longshot. The style is definitely 60s modern, maybe 50s but doesn't seem likely. The style looks familiar because there is a lot of illustration that shares this aesthetic.
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That's clearly 1962 -- classic midcentury modern style. There were a number of different companies and artists who primarily worked in metal. You can probably find some names by looking at midcentury art listed on ebay. You might even find the initials if you hunt enough. You might also try some MCM communities like and others, and see if it rings a bell for anyone there.
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You might ask the guys behind this website - - they seem quite knowledgeable.
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And also, I meant to say, I really envy you finding this piece. It's awesome.
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