Philly Chiro Recommendation?
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The neck pain I've been having is clearly not going away on it's own, so I think I need to see a chiropractor. Anyone have recommendations for chiropractors in Philadelphia? I'm in Queen Village and would love to see one in the neighborhood if possible.

I went to one chiropractor a few years ago who wanted to get me on a long-term program of multiple visits per week, which is not what I'm interested in. I know it will take more than one visit, but I got the feeling he was giving me his standard sales pitch, not a treatment plan.
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To address chronic joint or muscle pain, you should first consult with your GP or find a good Occupational Medicine practice in your area. They can work to determine the cause of the pain and use science-based techniques to cure or ameliorate it, using proven and effective tools not available to those working in the field of Chiropractic.
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I'd encourage you to see a medical doctor first. One likely outcome would be a referral to a physical therapist, but it's important to make sure there's nothing dangerous going on with your neck before you allow someone to poke anywhere near it. This comment may be of interest, along with this recent question.
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[Folks, its okay to not think a chiropractor's a great idea but this is a request for local suggestions and this needs to not turn into a chorus of chiding.]
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I have heard great things about Ohm Chiropractic (they have a location on Passyunk) and Still Waters in Fairmount.
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