Is there a connection between "The Floor" and "I Can Make You Rich"?
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Hello, I'd be interested to hear people's opinions on whether or not the Hot Chip song "The Floor" was inspired by part of Paul McKenna's book "I Can Make You Rich", in which PM says he once advised an investment banker to "focus on the benefits."

I can't remember where exactly it says that, but I remember thinking it seemed to be contrasting ideas of being on welfare with aspirations to become an investment banker. I've not heard the Hot Chip song, but I know it came out at about the same time as PM's book.

The theme seemed to be continued again in Michael Neil's CD course, Effortless Success, where he mentions a client who was "an investment banker in the Far East". Is this part of the same series of memes?
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Do you mean Ready for the Floor? Or a different song called "The Floor"?
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I think it's Ready for the Floor. The one that was released around the same time as Paul McKenna's book.
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Hot Chip fan here. Ready for the Floor is about dancing with someone you like, and deciding whether to open up to someone, as far as I can tell. I really don't see any connection to investment banking at all.
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I'm not sure where you saw the connection to the Hot Chip song, especially if you haven't heard it? There's quite a bit of information on the Wikipedia page for Ready For the Floor that can let you know where certain lyrics came from, whether or not the song was written for Kylie Minogue (apparently not) and more.
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If it was released around the same time as the book, it's unlikely to have been inspired by it - songs can be written and recorded months before they get released. Unless the band had an early proof copy, I would hazard that they would have been unaware of McKenna's book while the song was being made.

I am somewhat confused as to why you feel there is a connection, given that you haven't heard the song. Can you elaborate as to why you feel there's a Paul McKenna influence? What 'memes' do they have in common?
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