What awesome contraband can I give my newly-not pregnant friend?
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My friend will be having her second baby today after an uncomfortable pregnancy (extreme nausea + Houston heat). I want to make her a gift basket of stuff she couldn't use while pregnant - booze, cigarettes, soft cheeses, processed meats. What else can I get her?

(We are bringing a gift for the baby and a gift for the first child too.)
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Pseudoephedrine! I missed my Mucinex D dearly.
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Something with a lot of caffeine would be good. Maybe also some hair dye?
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Oh, and Retin-A/Retinol skin care products!
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Best answer: Ear plugs and a voucher for overnight night duty.
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A kitty litter scoop.
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Some of that stuff you still can't have if you're nursing (retina-A, cigarettes); some of it it small quantities (booze.) Just be aware that she might not be able to go to town on all of it right away.

If she can take pills: a valium is a treat.
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Yeah, agree that this somewhat depends on if she's nursing (sudafed isn't good for supply, at all). That said, I got a box that included wine, single serve mixers for alcoholic treats, a bunch of candy (I was gestationally diabetic), and soft cheeses. Super comfy jammies were also a big hit.
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Some form of birth control. Condoms? Maybe a pamphlet on the Mirena?
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I'd...feel pretty bad about giving smokes to someone with a newborn. They can be really harmed by secondhand smoke in the house, or if she's breastfeeding. I'm sure it's not your job to make her quit, and I don't lecture my smoking friends either, but, maybe don't help her stay addicted to something that will harm a tiny baby, for your own karma's sake?

You can do a pretty nice basket of booze, processed meats and cheeses, and a gift certificate for a sushi restaurant, if she's into that.
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I may be wrong here, but the way I've read this is that the OP is looking for stuff in general pregnant ladies can't use, not necessarily that her friend will actually use them. Regardless, could we please assume that OP's friend isn't dumb enough to get shitty and start chain smoking while nursing the baby? It's getting kind of preachy in here.

The things my mom said she missed most while pregnant were diet coke and coffee. A starbucks (or your friend's preferred coffee shop) gift card would be a nice addition.
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A nice belt?

"Topical use of Retin-A (tretinoin) is generally considered compatible with breastfeeding." * In re. Sudafed &c, "Many meds have been reformulated so they no longer contain pseudoephedrine — they’re using phenylephrine instead. Per Hale, “Because of pseudoephedrine’s effect on milk production, many have concerns that phenylephrine may suppress milk production as well. There is no evidence that this occurs at all.”" *
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Best answer: Blue cheese and Feta cheese.

wife of 445supermag
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Best answer: Instant coffee, tea bags, tiny bottles of alcohol, tin of sardines, gift cards to all kinds of caffeinated/alcoholic/mercury-filled places...
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If you get her sushi, get salmon or other low-mercury fish. She still should be staying away from tuna and swordfish.
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Ooh yeah, see if you can find out (idk how you would find out other than asking outright though) if she plans on nursing? It would be a shame to give her delicious perishable tasty treats that she won't be able to eat. Gift cards aren't as visually awesome as various tasty things but they might be a more useful bet in the long run.
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Since kitty litter is off limits for pregnant ladies, how about a kitty litter cake?

It's gross and funny.
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Response by poster: she DOES have two kitties.
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...there aren't food restrictions for nursing mothers. Lots of the food advice given to pregnant women is dubious in the first place, and "There are NO foods that a mother should avoid simply because she is breastfeeding."
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Best answer: Lox! Sushi!
What about bagels, lox & mimosas for brunch? Go wild and get unpasteurized orange juice for the mimosas. And lots and lots of coffee. The forbidden brunch.
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A gift certificate for a tattoo or piercing, or to go horseback riding or skiing or to an amusement park with extreme rides. Hair dye, if she was really conservative about pregnancy exposures.
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I think it is a great idea to let her know that you are thinking of her as a person still and not only as a mommy! I would avoid the smokes but everything else sounds good (kitty litter cracks me up). Why don't you put together a jello shot kit? 4 flavors of jello, vodka, and those cute little cups with lids would be a fun gift. And she can always re-purpose parts of it so nothing goes to waste.

The thing that I missed most during pregnancy was being able to maintain a proper bikini line. You can't see the area for the last couple of months. If you are close enough to get that personal, products designed for grooming that area and a few pairs of pretty panties might be funny.
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Also, pregnant ladies are supposed to avoid hot tubs/jacuzzis. If there's a spa near you, you could get her a gift certificate for hot tub time and a spa treatment.
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I know there is a link above that says otherwise, but according to our doctor and our paediatrician and our midwife and our hospital, If she is breastfeeding, basically anything she consumes will be consumed by the child.
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Best answer: One of my friends dearly missed the cheesy icy margaritas of the TGIF variety while pregnant so her bff (not me) arrived at the hospital with a bag of ice, a blender, tequila and mix and proceeded to create a fresh icy marg for her when she arrived back in her room. Much appreciated I'm told!
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Best answer: Seconding sushi and hot tubs. I missed those like crazy!

Feel free to ignore this as it's sort of a derail, but I would go ahead and give her a pack of smokes: the La Leche League says of course it's not great, but "The half-life of nicotine (the amount of time it takes for half the nicotine to be eliminated from the body) is ninety-five minutes." A few cigarettes smoked judiciously are not going to harm the baby.
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Best answer: I had a friend show up in the hospital with a hunk of blue cheese and a beer and I could have kissed her.
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I think the smokes are a hilarious addition! Consider putting them in a plastic bag, though, in case she has residual nausea and the smell gets to her in her hospital room.
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Please don't get the cigarrettes. If she quit while pregnant, it would be really awesome if she stayed smoke-free, and just having them around can be soooo tempting. Instead, get some fireworks, just because they're fun, and generally on every list of dangerous stuff. Beer. We had a nice meal with wine in the hospital, but it was the craft beer my husband brought in that was such a treat. I also totally endorse the sexy or cute panties.

Is she being induced or having a c-section? I was induced, then had an emergency c-section, and it was a few days before I wanted visitors.
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Mod note: Folks, maybe focus more on the thematic suggestions and consider the whether-and-what-to-consume stuff as read at this point and for the asker to navigate according to the details they're familiar with?
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Best answer: I would have STABBED someone for a super-rare burger topped with blue cheese, and a glass of red wine on the side. STABBED.

(Also I bet you could find candy cigarettes, that'd be cute.)
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Love the idea of a hot tub soak gift certificate.
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Best answer: Something cute for her feet, since she probably hasn't seen them in a while? Cute slippers or a certificate for a pedicure?
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Mucho boxes of expensive chocolates that go with her favorite wine. Maybe she hasn't been deprived of chocolate, but it makes midnight feedings soo much better to have chocolate and a tiny sip.
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Best answer: A gift certificate for a proper massage. Good for mum regardless, especially nice to be able to lay down tummy-down for the first time in months.


A nice bottle of wine to go with said prosciutto.
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Best answer: You know, honestly, if she had bad morning sickness, food in general is going to be just THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER for the first month or so. (I have really vivid memories of a hospital tuna sandwich. It was pretty much a religious experience.) So i think the cheeses/meats should probably be the focus of your basket.

Also -- this isn't part of your theme, but i really enjoyed stupid magazines the first month or so after my kids were born.
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I think a fancy-ish cigar would be a funnier present than a box of cigarettes... if she doesn't want to smoke it she could give it to the new Dad.
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carmicha: "A kitty litter scoop."

Note that if she is planning on breastfeeding it is generally still not recommended to handle kitty litter.

My wife was craving a corned beef special during her whole pregnancy. Maybe find out, if you don't already know, what her favorite deli sandwich is and bring that?
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KokuRyu: "I know there is a link above that says otherwise, but according to our doctor and our paediatrician and our midwife and our hospital, If she is breastfeeding, basically anything she consumes will be consumed by the child."

This is somewhat true. It is also true that pretty much no matter what she eats it gets transformed into nutritious food for the baby.

Which is to say: don't worry about junk food, at all. We discovered when the baby was older and able to move around, chocolate or caffeine rich foods eaten by the mom would make it harder for him to go to sleep at night.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone! here are two pictures of the sin basket we assembled. you can't see the sopressata, mini sake bottle, mini illy coffee can, mini patron bottle, and mini box of truffles from this angle but they were in there.

[and here is a picture of adorable newborn]

[and i concluded that as an intelligent 35-year old woman, she could probably decide for herself when and where to smoke her cigarettes.]
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