Coleslaw recipe
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I love love love the coleslaw at Fresh Air BBQ in Jackson, Ga. I have tried to find the recipe online with no luck. Is anyone familiar with this style coleslaw so that you can tell me how to make it? I cant ask the folks at the restaurant because they are far far away. Thank you!
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I cant ask the folks at the restaurant because they are far far away.

They're only as far away as the internet: they have a contact form and their phone number is on their website.
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I really love Fresh Air, too, but I can't exactly remember their cole slaw (I mostly remember the best barbecue and stew ever in my entire life--they catered my grandma's 80th birthday and it was amazing). The secret I've found to good Southern cole slaw is to add the juice from a jar of sweet pickles, and based on my recollection, that might be part of their recipe. I don't have any plans to go to Jackson soon (and sadly, the Athens store closed), but if you don't get a response online, I will definitely ask the next time I'm in Jackson.
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The best pro-tip for coleslaw is to salt the cabbage and let it sit for several hours. This releases the excess water and makes the slaw much less runny.
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This recipe claims to be a reasonable facsimile.
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