Avengers fanfic recs?
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Same request as before, but this time for Avengers / Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfic.

I generally prefer angsty Steve/Tony and Clint/Phil porn, but I'll read anything good (even if it's weird or not very porny).

I read 50k-100k words/day of fic, so I'd especially appreciate links to stuff that I won't find via a Sort by Kudos search on AO3.

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You've probably read scifigrl47's stuff, but if not, start with Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore. And then read all the rest.
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Here are some of my own recs thus far in this fandom:

1) The Whelk is the person responsible for first turning me on to Avengers fic in general and Steve/Tony shipping in particular. If you haven't read his 60+k-word fanfic magnum opus The Information Operation Division yet, make it a priority! What it lacks in porn, it makes up for in angst. The Whelk commands a far greater emotional range than the vast majority of fanfic authors, taking you on a journey from gasping-from-laughter throughout the first few chapters to sick-to-your-stomach-with-dread by the last few chapters.

2) Who doesn't love the Toasterverse? If you're new to MCU fanfic, IMO these series should be considered foundational works. Over half a million words of fluffy, fluffy goodness.

3) Two examples of fics that are NOT my usual cup of tea (and actually completely squicked me out at parts) but that I enjoyed anyway on a plot and style level are Revelations and Bend Around the Wind.
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Hahahaha oh this is so my question yesssss (and I will be plundering its answers)

I've saved most of my fave fics to Evernote these days; however, I'm on my phone/AFK for the night so not much help there. But these are my AO3 bookmarks, many of which you're bound to know/love already, but it's a start. And I have a tiny collection of Pepper-friendly Tony/other recs because I got really sick of "Pepper vanished or is evil so true slashy lurve can triumph" and such.

Longer letter later!
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I don't write your ships, but if you're interested (and if it's not tacky to send you to my stuff) I'll memail you a link to my A03 account.

A few recs, although as I said we may not share the same ships so my reads may not work for you:

Cakewalk, by Edonohana
The Seventh Annual SHIELD Friends & Family Picnic and He Ain't Heavy (He's Our Villain by Goodboots
...and we are nowhere, but man, we're alright by Topaz
The Nature of Dust, by Inkvoices - a 1930s carnival AU
I like quigonejinn's stuff a lot. She can skew very dark, if that's an issue either way with you.
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I'm totally fine with people posting links to their own fic here. And based on what I've seen in other threads when fanfic comes up, the mods seem to be cool with it too.

All else equal, I'm more interested in fic written by someone with whom I have a pre-existing connection or context than I am in fic written by random internet strangers. I would have never been motivated to begin reading Avengers fanfic at all if I hadn't already "known" The Whelk via MetaFilter. (I've since read -- and enjoyed -- at least a couple million words of fic in that fandom, so thanks, dude.)
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I'll go for author recs. I don't always like everything these authors churn out, but there's at least a few really good gems within their pages. All the below are on AO3 (and possibly elsewhere).

icarus_chained (her Tony & Bruce Series as well as the JARVIS series are the highlights, in my opinion)
quigonejinn (dark, as mentioned above, but really hits you)

bethbethbeth has a reclist and she likes a lot of Clint/Coulson, so you might find those helpful.
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My recs can be found over at my pinboard. I'm more of a Tony/Pepper and Tony/Pepper/Bruce kind of girl, but I think there's a bit of everything in my Avengers tag.
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Fair warning: I really, really, really love Steve Rogers and just want him to be happy.

Rogers' Neighborhood
Oh what's that Mister Rogers RPF Captain America fusion fic? Why yes, yes it is.

Everything DevilDoll has ever written particularly Semaphore
Just go read Semaphore oh my god

Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013). "Biodosimetric Tools for Measuring Induced Isomeric Transition in Inverted Paired States." International Journal of Radiation Biology 89.9, 43-85.
Okay this is the insane Science Bros one where Tony gets fucked by the Hulk and it's... incredibly ridonk. This is the summary:
"And so," Tony concludes triumphantly, "you owe it to science, to yourself, and to the people of New York City to have tons of hot awesome monster sex with me."

Living In The Future
Set in a canon AU where they're younger and stuff is comic-book-complicated, but still somehow the fic that I wished I had been able to write after first coming down from my post-MCU-Avengers-release-high. It's a lot about how we live in the future and how the future is different-not-better. And teenagers doing teenagery things plus superheroism.

Strobelight Serenade
This is the one where the team collectively teaches Steve to dance the Macarena and it is amazing.

(sleep wake hope and then)
Steve goes back to art school. A sort of shmoopy thing but it hit me really hard right in the squidlyspooge.

The Twice-Told Tale
Timey-wimey Steve/Tony romance that totally clinched the ship for me. God, who doesn't love a timey-wimey romance??

Six Meetings Before Lunch
Steve & Thor friendship gen of delight.

A Kindness Repaid
Steve decides Loki needs a friend, but Loki is not a woobie. This was the first Avengers fic I ever read that wasn't terrible, and in fact is wonderful. It's about the nature of expectations and understanding that which cannot fully be understood. There’s also a mythical quest.
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This isn't prose fic, so please forgive me if it's not what you want, but I think you'd really enjoy American Captain (previously on MeFi). The premise is that Steve Rogers deals with being frozen for decades and woken up into a new century by drawing a diary comic.

There is a fair amount of angsty Steve-Tony interaction (not porn, I'm afraid) and a general continuity, so you probably want to start at the beginning, where it was more one-shots, to enjoy the whole thing.
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I'm on the AO3 and have written a fair bit of Avengers. If you have been hankering after the story where Steve Rogers doesn't know he is a hipster, I've got you covered.
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I absolutely adored Ask Galatea by thingswithwings. It's Steve/Phil, and just...it's such a lovely look at what it means to be the object of other people's fandoms, and sweet and romantic. I never re-read fanfic, but I have read this one a couple times already.
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The Responsible Science series by Lettered is great with a characterisation of Bruce that is well thought out and refreshingly different from the fandom default.
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