Help me make a streaming Netflix queue for my dad
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Trying to put together a streaming Netflix queue for Father's Day. Details inside...

My dad recently got a Roku box but up until now hasn't really put it to much use, so for Father's Day I'm getting him a Netflix subscription. I'm trying to put together a starter queue for him to see if he likes it. Can you recommend any streamable movies/tv to fit his tastes?

Things he likes:
- 1950s/60s sci-fi movies
- Clean comedies that aren't so much "funny" as "cute"
- Science documentaries
- Smart/Witty Cartoons (Pinky and the Brain/The Tick/etc.)

- Romantic comedies
- Serious dramas ("I go to the movies to have fun! Not be sad!")
- Anything with subtitles (dyslexia)
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Adventure Time
Microcosmos-great documentary about insects.
posted by purenitrous at 7:49 PM on June 15, 2013

And the MST3K movie is streaming.
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The original (excellent) Cosmos from Carl Sagan is available for streaming.
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And, although I haven't seen it, a very good friend of mine strongly recommends "When We Left Earth."

On the comedy side, maybe Scrubs? And maybe Quantum Leap?
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How about Psych? Witty, cute, silly. Bromance mostly overshadows romance, at least in the first few seasons.
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Samurai Jack is pretty fantastic
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I think RoboCop is a great dad movie.
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