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I applied to this job online by sending my resume, and after I was contacted by the HR lady, I told her that I had an updated version of my resume and so I sent it to her. A few days later, I then realized that I actually sent a wrong copy of my resume, which leaves off some of my education. It also erroneously outlined a job function that I did not actually do. The reason why it is wrong is because I didn't know how to word it precisely at first, but after a second draft (the correct version) I came up with a better description of what I did. So, do you guys think it will be fine if I email her the correct version of my resume and explain that I inadvertently sent her the wrong version? Or will it look bad? The interview is already set up by the way. Thanks.
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If you already have an interview set up, I'd just bring updated copies and present it there. No biggie.
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Yeah, just bring it in; if you'd spotted the mistake right off it'd have made sense to call back and say you sent the rough draft by accident, but by now it'd just draw unnecessary attention.
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Hmm. I'd say that leaving off the education is not a big deal, but the erroneous job function could be problematic depending on just how erroneous the description was, and the level of relevancy that particular description has to the job you are applying for. If it would be fair to say that there were no misrepresentations on the one you sent, I wouldn't worry about it; just bring an updated copy to your interview and have it ready to show at that point.

If you feel like you accidentally misrepresented something that, if corrected, would have meant you would not have gotten the interview, I think you need to send an updated copy.
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I wouldn't worry about it at all.
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Bring your updated copy. Don't overly apologize. Simply say you clarified and improved the resume and you would like to give them the new one.
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Just go with it. The job market is hard enough without adding complications, and if you've already got an interview your "incorrect" resume was correct enough for them; a matter of imprecise wording probably isn't the same as outright lying about your job responsibilities. Re: education -- what sort of job is this? A lot of career counselors actually ADVISE people to leave off their education, say if you're a PhD applying for rent-money jobs. (Which sucks, but is a thing.) So maybe you stumbled into doing something inadvertently helpful.

Also probably delete/archive the old resume so this doesn't happen again.
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I had a candidate do something like this the other day. What she did is bring in a resume to the interview and hand them out and just said that she had updated her resume for clarification's sake. I check later and it was clear that she'd made a mistake in sending me the wrong resume. But the fact is she got to the interview process with a weaker resume, so she was only better positioned.

When you send a think you email for the interview (you were going to send a thank you email, right?) just attach the new resume with a note explaining that this was the copy you'd brought with you.
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