There's a farm, and a widow...
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Movie about a widow on a farm/ranch in Australia. It's historical, but I can't remember the period. She has red hair, and is shamed by her church for not having remarried. She's menaced by bad guys on horses, who tie up a young man (a cousin? brother?) to a fence and prepare to horsewhip him, but a mysterious man swoops in at the last minute to save them. It sounds like every romance novel ever, but I only caught a few minutes of it and was intrigued enough to try to find it again. Ideas?
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Could it be The Thorn Birds? I don't think it was ever a movie, but the novel was made into a very popular mini-series in the 80s.

The Thorn Birds synopsis on Wikipedia
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Could it be Disgrace?
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I searched IMDB for Nicole Kidman (first Australian redhead that came to mind). Is it Australia?
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It's not Thorn Birds - there's no brother-of-a-widow scene.

The film Oscar and Lucinda also features a single redheaded woman (Cate Blanchett), but I don't recall any similar scene either; but I only remember bits of the latter half, and the scene you're thinking of may have come earlier. If you also vaguely remember a church made entirely of glass being floated down a river, then it's Oscar and Lucinda.
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My Brilliant Career?
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Sounds like "Australia" to me.
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I would also assume it is "Australia".

The description also sounds a bit like The Outsider, but that is set in the U.S. (even though the lead actress is sort of Australian).
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Response by poster: Definitely not "Australia;" I saw that in the theater, and this was on TV. Everyone was white, so it's not "Disgrace."

OMG, I think it might be The Outsider. It was definitely a western (which I forgot to say above). I have a very strong feeling that's it. Now to find a copy.
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Maybe The Last Frontier, with Linda Evans as the widow? Is there a drought, water drilling, and a camel race?

Other maybes: Outback (1989)? The Naked Country?

I assume you don't mean the other better-known Australian "Westerns", The Man from Snowy River or Quigley Down Under.
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