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I was just reading about poet Mary Oliver, who lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I've also heard of arts communities in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What are some other small-ish towns that have strong communities of artists and writers (especially writers!)?

I'm looking for communities of artists and writers. Not big cities like San Francisco or New York (or even Austin or Portland), but smaller towns that would seem a bit unlikely but have thriving communities of artists and writers. A couple of examples I've found are Santa Fe, New Mexico and Provincetown, Massachusetts. What other towns have artist residencies, a thriving arts community and a reputation as being a haven of artists and writers? (Especially writers and poets!)

- Doesn't have to be in the United States. Isn't there a place in Mexico where a lot of expat writers hang out?
- Would be better not to be a "scene-y" place, but one where people go to work and live, not show off how hip they are.

Thank you!
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Homer, Alaska, population 5000. Can't speak to writers, specifically, but it is a known haven for artists and creative types.
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Ithaca, NY
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Bisbee Arizona
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St Ives, in Cornwall, UK has a history of attracting artists and, to a lesser extent, writers. It is a small-ish coastal town but to this day has a thriving arts scene.
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Marfa, Texas (though that is a little scene-y? more for visitors than residents, from what I hear)

Joshua Tree (the town, not the park)
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Northampton, MA and the surrounding area has become home to a serious concentration of YA authors and comics artists, particularly webcomics.
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Yeah, I was going to say Northampton/Amherst, MA.

There are a surprising number of writers in the Hudson Valley area of NY, where I live, but they're a bit spread out between Beacon, Woodstock, and New Paltz. It seems most come here for the quality of life and proximity to NYC--not because it's a super hip place--and end up sticking around to raise families and such.
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Laguna Beach, CA
Palm Desert, CA--it's similar to santa fe in some ways.
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Ashville, NC and (somewhat unsurprisingly) Woodstock, NY. And seconding January in saying Ithaca.
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Yellow Springs, OH
Paducah, KY
Great Barrington, MA
Door County, WI
Berea, KY
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Key West.
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Iowa City, Iowa.
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Tubac, Arizona
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Seconding Yellow Springs and Berea, and adding Nashville, Indiana (very close to Bloomington, in fact), Madison, Wisconsin and Spring Green, Wisconsin.
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Taos, NM.....most of the galleries are also the artists' homes.
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Sorry on phone.
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Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada (and the islands in the Salish Sea generally). The place in Mexico you're thinking about is probably San Miguel de Allende.
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Gloucester, MA
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And if you really want to get away, Monhegan Island, ME
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My parents live in Port Townsend, Washington and I have to say the amount of arts in that town is evident just walking around it. (I'm not sure about writers, but my stepdad does go to the open mike night every week, so that's at least somewhat present.) The strong arts community is part of why they moved there and they've been very happy with it.
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Copper Canyon Press is in Port Townshend, so, yeah, writers.
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Sun Valley, Idaho.
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The town of Spring Green, WI. Teeny, tiny town (1,700 or so people). Lots of visual artists in the area, plus a thriving theatre community. Frank Lloyd Wright school is near there. Don't know about writers, but I'm one and I'd love to live there. About an hour's drive from Madison or the Dells. A friend of mine lived in Spring Green for a while and loved it.
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I live in Port Townsend and can confirm Margalo Epps' comments. There's even a sort of writer's workshop storefront.

Who are your folks Margalo? There's actually 3 different open mics each week.
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By the way dersins, Pete has an "h", we do not.

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Ucross, Wyoming.
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Buffalo, NY. Bisbee, AZ.
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Madrid, NM
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Thirding Yellow Springs, OH!
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Grand Marais, Minnesota.
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