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Hivemind! I need your help locating a trio of college kids that I recently spent the afternoon with on an excursion in Cancun. My family and I joined these guys (we were randomly selected as excursion-mates) on a tour through the 'jungle'... zip lining and cave snorkeling. I have something they want.

We bought the photo package of the tour which included just the photos of my family. The guys didn't buy any photos. To my delight, when I got home, I noticed that their photos were included on our CD. I want to get them their amazing action shots. I mean really, you could make a calendar out of these guys.

I have first names... Jameson (Jamison?), Justin and Brendan. They told us they had just graduated from college at some UC or Cal State (can't remember the name) university. They are going their separate ways now... one of them moving to Aspen shortly.

Any ideas for how I can track these guys down?
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Package tour company, school alumini Facebook pages.
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Post the pics to Reddit and ask the same question?
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Long shot, but if flickr has fixed their search-by-date function (they broke it in the recent "upgrade"), try doing a search on cancun limited to just the day you did this, and see if one of them has uploaded pictures.
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[Sorry, OP, but I deleted the links to images of these people; you can still get good tips on how you might try to contact them, but publishing pics of third parties who haven't given their permission is not great here.]
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Why? Are you sure they even want them? These are college boys fucking around in college vacation central, who didn't ask for photos or buy them. (Not to stereotype, but if someone's moving to Aspen post-grad they can probably afford to buy vacation pics if they want some.) There is no limit to how little college boys can care about things, especially things that are sentimental to older people. And it'd suck to go to all that effort if they won't acknowledge it. (Absolute worst case scenario it might even come off a bit stalky, but that isn't really the dynamic here; still, this is one of those questions where reversing the genders would be enlightening.)
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Graduated a couple of weeks ago + UC = Berkley. The rest of the UCs are just finishing this week. Not sure about Cal state though...
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Yeah, unless the CD was incredibly expensive, if they really wanted them I think they would have bought them. And the awkwardness of being tracked down might outweigh the value the photos have for them. Also, I noticed a camera in one guy's hand (while ziplining) before you deleted the pictures - perhaps they took their own shots of each other.
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Would TOTALLY freak me out if some random family that I was assigned to a tour group with tracked me down to share photos. Ick.
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I mean really, you could make a calendar out of these guys.

Well, then, make yourself a calendar if you think they're so cute. Still doesn't explain why THEY would want them, though. Most college students I know would prefer a low-quality Instagram photo to a corny, overly glossy "action shot".
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[Okay, folks, I think the idea has now been established that surprise contact may be unwelcome, so going forward let's offer advice on the original question, or move on. Thanks.]
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Definitely don't want to seem creepy... Forgot to mention that one of the guys actually asked me if their photos were on our disc... At the time I was told they would not be.
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What about sending a message to the Berkeley and Berkeley Alumni Association Facebook pages? I don't know that you could post directly (or would want to) but they could possibly get the word out to students who are on those pages. My alumni association has also been known to send out emails trying to find people sometimes. It's worth a shot.

You could also send the same message to other UC schools if you think it would help. Worth a shot!
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Graduated a couple of weeks ago + UC = Berkley. The rest of the UCs are just finishing this week. Not sure about Cal state though...

I believe some CSUs are on semesters and some on quarters, but mostly semesters, so that doesn't narrow it down really. (23 CSUs and 6 are on quarters.)
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I think you might be able to find some help in the Tripadvisor forums or perhaps even find a post by one of them, since so many people use those forums.

Also, do you have the new Graph search on Facebook (assuming you're a user of FB)? I searched for Male University of Southern California students named "Jameson" and it turned up about a half dozen.
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Contact the tour company. Ask for their email address because you ended up with one of their belongings. Better yet, ask the company to pass along your contact info with a note that you'd like to send them something.
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And a college kid is probably moving to Aspen to be a bartender, lifty or ski instructor. Photo CDs are sometimes $30. I never would have paid for that right outta college but would love to have the photos.
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