Do you know a good mail forwarding service from the UK - Canada?
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Does anyone know a reliable, cost-effective mail forwarding service so I can get my ebay stuff and hot chocolate delivered without pissing my friends/family off?

I've googled, but there don't seem to be any customer reviews of these services anywhere. Any help or tips appreciated!
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Best answer: My UK Mail gets mentioned on the Canada : British Expat forum as one of the very few companes to do this. Since you'll be combining the legendary speed and reliability of both the Royal Mail and Canada Post, and then adding a third party to that, your results will be variable. Even when we used the official redirection service, it was hit or miss. If you have a business number, or have the shallowest excuse to have one, registering with a customs broker will reduce the courier customs and convenience fees to bearable levels.

As for your hot chocolate, it's probably worth pricing out the local UK shop. There will be one. Their prices will be just short of worth doing the importing yourself, though, and check the expiry dates like a hawk.
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