What's a good online calendar?
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I'm looking for some sort of online calendar...

I tutor mathematics at our university. As it is, I've posted my course timetable online and gave student the link so they could tell when I'm available. However, updating this with new appointments is time consuming (since it's just a basic html page). I also use Yahoo Calendar to keep track of my appointments. But, in the past, when I gave students the link to my personal Yahoo Calendar, they tended to find the interface confusing. I'm wondering if there is a simpler, basic online calendar that I can give students the link to and it won't confuse them. Any suggestions?
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A friend of mine recently recommended Planzo. It's full of AJAX-y goodness.
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My wife created an online calendar for some very non-techy people (read-only) at http://www.calendars.net/. Free and easy.
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What sort of machine do you have? This sort of thing is easier with Macs, but we'll address all ways:

The best way that I've found with people that I communicate with is to create a calendar using iCal (or Sunbird, if you are on Linux/Windows) and publish that to a WebDAV share (Which is what Apple's iDisk is - though I use a different service).

They can subscribe to the calendar and your changes will be automagically transferred to their calendars.

HOWEVER, there are certain levels of users who cannot manage even this - to these, I have setup phpicalendar to display the calendar on a webpage - again, automatically.

The only thing that I have to do is update my local calendar, using whatever program you choose. The rest should be automatic.
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My church uses WebCalendar . It works well for us. Example here.

If you don't want something hosted yourself, you can set up a Yahoo group. Their calendars work very well.
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trumba.com is nice looking and reasonably priced. It also syncs with outlook if you use that so you never even have to mess with the online if you don't want to. Also I believe the horde framework has a pretty interesting looking calendar app but you'd have to set it up and it is somewhat difficult.
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We use the web-based Calcium here on a Mac OS X box, and it has been great.
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