Dependent Calendaring - Scheduling Reading Schedules, Episode Views, Etc
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I have a need for dependent calendaring – maybe this is the domain of project management software, but such seems more elaborate than what I need. But any ideas or solutions would be appreciated. I’ll go into a little more detail inside to explain what I'm looking for.

There are certain things that I’d like to calendar but have dependent on each other, so that if I move one date forward it moves the range of subsequent dates forward.

The two use cases I’m particularly thinking of would be entertainment-related – reading and viewing schedules.

For example, I have a number of books I’d like to get through before years’ end, so I’d like to assign myself pages of certain books to certain days. If I fall behind, though, I don’t want to have to manually move everything – I want to move something forward and have everything be bumped.

Very much would like to have the output of this be in Google Calendar, although that should be accomplishable if there’s an iCalendar (ICS) export.

In an ideal world, free and web-based. But willing to spend a little, depending.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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It sounds like you are looking for a project management-type solution, not a calendar. I really like GQueues (integrates with Google calendar). I pay $25/year because I like them so much but there is a free tier as well.
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Response by poster: I watched the introductory video, but it's not entirely clear. Does it have the functionality I'm asking after here?
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